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The Caterpillar


There once lived a caterpillar. He was very popular and beautiful. He was raised by a well-rounded family and taught to have good values and ideas and he had a solid set of principles and beliefs. He grew up to be a very wonderful caterpillar. As an adult he found himself to be very happy and content. He worked hard and he enjoyed all the benefits he had for all the hard work he did. He had a great family and a great group of friends. The caterpillar knew exactly who he was,what he wanted, and what he had to do to achieve his goals. His life was everything he could have ever hoped for, he was very happy and content.

One day, just as he thought that life could not get any better, the caterpillar was introduced to a new idea. The more he researched and studied this idea, the more he came to realize that he believed in this idea, and the more he accepted and embraced the idea, the more enlightened he became. Now he was not only happy with his life on the outside, but he was fulfilled on the inside as well.

Now the caterpillars eyes were open wide, and he began to see a whole new world. Things he saw were not the same, things he heard and did were not the same, and even things that he once loved so deeply were no longer the same. His world, the world that he was so happy and content in was completely different, and he lost a lot of things including some of the people that he loved. But he willingly gave it all up for this idea because to him this truth was the most important thing, and the truth, truly did set him free. But, somewhere in all the chaos of his life changing, he lost his enlightenment because he lost who he was.

The caterpillar, now alone, and with a lot less that what he used to have, lost himself and forgot the truth, he became sad and disoriented and un-enlightened. He searched and searched for that spark he once had, he looked everywhere, he read every book he could, he took every opinion from every person he could, but no matter his attempts, he could not find his happiness. He was lost, and so tired so he built himself a cocoon and climbed in to spend some time soul-searching and thinking to himself, and a great transformation took place when he became comfortable with who he was….


The Wiccan path can be a troubling path. It can be hard, and lonely, and tiring. It is test after test after test, and sometimes almost tedious. When you decide to embrace something that is not so easily accepted by those around you it can turn your life upside down if you let it. Just because you believe in something more passionately than you have ever believed in anything doesn’t mean that those you love will accept it. The important thing to remember is that the truth is what is important. The false ideas, the unreal relationships, and the materialistic things don’t matter, they will come and go no matter what path you choose. Don’t lose yourself in the chaos, but if you do, it is ok to take the time to re-connect to yourself. You need to re-connect to yourself if you want to emerge from your cocoon a more beautiful and better evolved being. Give yourself the chance to grow the wings that will set you free.

Blessed be,



2 responses

  1. Liz

    This is so true. I like this one Meg

    November 17, 2010 at 5:34 am

  2. Thank you Liz!

    November 23, 2010 at 12:58 am

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