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Sacred Space

First of all, I want you to think of what the word “sacred” means. Don’t go look it up in a dictionary, think of what it means to you. Is sacred safe? Is it something divine? Is it treasured and secret? Can you share it? If something is sacred to you, what does that mean?

Every witch needs a sacred space, whether it be permanent or temporary. Wherever it is that you choose to practice the craft, that space needs to be sacred to you. You need to feel safe and secure and you need to have trust and feel very comfortable in your space. After all, the energy that you are letting out of yourself is the energy that is going to go into your spells and worship. If you are constantly looking over your shoulder worried that someone will see you or that the boogey man will get you, then chances are your efforts in that circle will fail.

If you are like a lot of other solitary witches then most likely your sacred space is somewhere in your home. Maybe you have a permanent altar set up or maybe you have to set one up each time you cast a circle. Either is acceptable, but when you do cast your circle, make sure it is in an area that you feel safe, secure, at peace and are undistracted. Make it sacred to you somehow.

Since my sacred space is right in the center of my living room, something I do to keep the space sacred to me is a monthly “temple space” purification ritual. I do this on the new moon. It is nothing fancy, it just helps me keep the place clean, free of negativity, and happy. That way, when I am in a circle, my rites get 100% of my attention 100% of the time. 

If you do get the chance to practice outdoors, lucky you! There are tons of places outside that are sacred to me, unfortunately, they are all usually surrounded by onlookers and are not 100% safe, so I reserve the outside spaces for meditation or just plain old quiet time. If this applies to you, then you can do what I do and just create a small salt circle around where you will be sitting, this will keep you protected and allow you to focus more on the craft and less on over-the-shoulder-looking.

Just remember, wherever you decide to practice the craft needs to be a happy, clean, safe, and private environment. The more free you feel in your sacred space, the closer you will be to the divine, and the more powerful your magic and worship will be.

Love and light,



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