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About the author

I found Wicca when I was 28 years old and on one of those “self discovery” paths.  My closest and dearest friend was a Witch at that time so I began to ask him a lot of questions, so he finally bought me The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland, and from that moment on, I was hooked.

I read about Wiccan spirituality for 6 months and studied the principles and philosophy of Witchcraft and became amazingly and completely enlightened. Boy, did I find myself, and more than that, I lost some of myself too. I believe that I finally became who I was meant to be.  I was home. With each thing I lost because of my new-found faith, I would gain something greater, a sence of belonging and truth that is so wonderful, I could not even begin to explain to someone who has never felt such a feeling. From the moment I dedicated myself I made it my goal and commitment to read, study, learn, and grow everyday, in every way I possibly could. I learn more and become more enlightened everyday.

Every time I learn something new, create something new, see something beautiful, read something wonderful, or come across something I just do not understand, I find myself saying: “man, I should really start a blog and share this with people.”  So, I guess I got tired of saying that and not doing it so….enjoy. Please read, be enlightened, learn, share, add to, and comment but remember, the things I post here were either created by me or someone else wich took a lot of time and effort, so be honest and give credit where credit is do if you decide to share.

And anways remember the rede: “An ye harm none, do what thou wilt.”

Blessed Be!!



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