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The Goddess

The Goddess: In my belief the divine being is the force of life and the center of everything. It is the reason for existence and the power of life. It is everything and it consumes everything. It is not tangible but is completely real. Our minds cannot begin to comprehend what the divine really is so we give it a character, something to help us understand it. The divine is made up of two parts: the God and the Goddess. Two halves of a whole. Both halves are equally important but each have their own traits and correspondences.

The Goddess is the feminine half of the divine force. She is Beauty, compassion, humility, and mirth. She is the creator of the universe and her every aspect can be seen in it. The beauty of the world exists because she gave her own beauty to create it. Her love and compassion can be seen around you in every leaf, wave, and blade of grass. She is part of every being and every particle of matter. Her presence is always felt. She is Mother Nature. The goddess is the one who looks out for the world. She loves the Earth and everything in it and will do everything to take care of her child. She is a mother to the land, animals, and people and wants us to love the world just as she does. It is our home and the source of live, and she its keeper.

The moon is her symbol. Just as the moon controls the tides, so does the goddess. Not only the tides of the seas, but the tides of our emotions as well. The moon has different phases which can also be related to the goddess’ characteristics. The waning moon, the waxing moon, the full moon, and the new moon, each are symbols of the goddess’ power and each have a significant meaning. Just as the goddess, the moon is a light in the dark to give the stars radiance, and without her our world could not exist.

The goddess can be seen in three different aspects: Maiden, mother and crone. Just as every woman goes through these stages in life the goddess is always one stage at a time depending on the season usually. These aspects can be seen in the course of the moon, at each sabbat, at every magical working, and she is constantly changing. Each aspect has its own character, symbols, and meaning.

The maiden goddess represents life and the joy of living. She is pure and beautiful and care-free. She spends her time loving nature and spreading mirth throughout the world. The maiden is represented by the new moon. She is newness, purity, youth and a new beginning. The new moon is the beginning of the moons cycle, it is new, fresh, pure, and like the maiden goddess, innocent. Magical working that would require maiden goddess and new moon energy could consist of: getting a new job, moving to a new house, or just a new fresh start in life. The maiden goddess’ energy is everlasting and strong.

The mother goddess represents fertility, growth, and sexuality. She is the mother of the universe and her power is used to care for and nurture her children. The mother is represented by the full moon. The exact point where the moon shines with all of its full potential and power. It is the time when magic is most productive and a time when the world is abundant. The mother goddess is nurturing, caring, loving and full of life giving force.

The crone goddess represents the final stage in life. She is the embodiment of wisdom, experience, change, transformation, and death. The waning moon is her symbol. Just as the moon decreases from its power so does the mother goddess. She reminds us that growing old and death are not bad things. Where one life ends another begins, just as the cycle of the moon ends, another begins.

To me the  goddess represents life. We are born, we grow, we live, and we die. The experiences that we face in life are supported by the goddess. We can call on her in the darkest times and find light and clarity, or we can call on her during the happiest of times and celebrate. She is the wind that cleanses the air that we breathe and the water we drink to replenish our thirst. There is no greater force in this universe than the divine, and no greater feeling than knowing that she lives and thrives within me and is all around me. She is the strength when I’m struggling, the wisdom behind all my decisions, and the love that is deep within my heart.



The Full/Super/Equinox Moon 3-19-2011

March’s full moon is my favorite every year. I can still remember last years March full moon like it was yesterday, It was absolutely breathtaking. It’s as if March’s full moon is speaking for the Earth and telling us that spring is finally here. This year, the March full moon is extra special, falling the day before the equinox, and it is a SuperMoon. It will be the largest full moon in nearly 20 years, and could appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than a normal full moon.

A SuperMoon occurs when the full or new moon is at lease at 90% of its perigee position. There are actually 4 or 5 SuperMoon events a year, but this will be the largest moon that we have seen since 1992. If the skies are clear they will be alight with the glow of divine light this Saturday. Don’t miss out on viewing this beautiful moon as well as performing your Esbat on a night that is sure to be filled with magic.

Blessed Be,


Misty Moon












Misty Moon

In the dark of night she glows, 
all my shame my name, she knows.
In the sky so dark she’s there,
 my eyes cant help but stare.
Bouncing off the clouds her radiant light,
shines so bright it illuminates the night.
And as mist falls gently from the sky,
I lean my head back and close my eyes.
Upon my face she leaves gentle kiss,
her power and love so hard to resist.
I’ve gazed upon her time after time,
the light of the moon true and divine,
Her power and beauty amazes me,
my Friend, my Mother, my Goddess of three.

image source:Visual Thoughts

Love and light,


New Moon


The New Moon is the time when the moon ceases to wane and begins its waxing period back to full. You cannot see the moon during this time and the three days before the new moon are sometimes called the “dark of the moon”. Some choose not to perform any magic during this time and consider it a resting period, a time of reflection. I use this time for deep meditation and study.

The day of the new moon symbolizes new beginnings, or a fresh start. Work magic that will bring things to you. This is also a great time to start new ventures or to begin a project. In my circle on the new moon I perform a sacred space purification ritual.

Do remember: Even though you cannot se the Goddess in the sky on the new moon night, she is there all around you. Close your eyes, listen and feel and she will speak to you through the wind as is rustles through the trees or in the rain as it falls to the earth. Her presence is always around. reach inside yourself, know that she is a part of you and that you are a part of her and you will know she is there.

Love and Light,


The Red Moonrise

The red of the rock stares me straight in the face,

As I soak in the beauty of this ancient earthly place.

Hiking past boulders reaching up tp the sky,

The night welcomes us here, my brother and I.

The night glows bright with stars up above,

As we hike to flat places to sit and gaze at her love.

The night is cool, and no breeze can be found,

All around us nature is not making a sound.

Oh, here is flat rock on top of the hill,

A nice place to sit and star gaze ever so still.

The many stars make me wonder about the great all,

They make me understand that I am ever so small.

As I sit on this rock, something calls my name,

I know after this night I will never be the same.

So I close my eyes and call forth the air,

And for the first time it answers me, blowing without a care.

Then happiness fills me as the moon shows her face,

I’m already dreading leaving this newfound sacred place.

She rises over the mountains and covers us in light,

Her reflection shines red on this warm summer night.

And the more she reaches up to join with the stars,

The more light pours into the valley of this mountain of ours.

I will forever remember watching the red moon rise here,

On top of this mountain, whose name I hold so dear.

(From “little baldy” mountain)

by Megan