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Lilith’s Truth

I am truth, the spark of life

I am the beginning of life and the end of pure love

The one who sings with serpents and bathes in the fruit of the Tree Of Life.

Feared by those who are blind.

I am she who was first, real, un-broken and made whole

The one man denies

Power of creation and humanity dwell within me

In my womb lies knowledge and in my heart lies pure love.

I live in the trees, the land, the water, the wind and deep in the heart of all women.

Man sent me away, unwanted

All my love to give and knowledge to share was feared

I am the threat.

Outside his caged garden I dwell

Only to be embraced by those who seek the truth.

Loneliness is often found, for not many call my name

Though I thirst for love, I need no rib to be whole.

Cast out, my beauty and wisdom reign in a world only few have privilege to see

Embrace me! And I shall open your soul to all that is Divine!

Image: Lilith by Michelangelo

I hope that you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.