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Untitled Poem 6/15/11

Blessed be on this full moon!




Open your heart and let her in, she is one with the earth, the Goddess within.

He can quiet your mind and ease your pain, His light is so bright you will never be the same.

She will only come to you when you seek her truth, Otherwise she will wait until you have used all your youth.

He will work in your heart and heal all your pain, show you how it feels to be happy again.

Her magic is potent, her power is love; So when you are ready call her down from above.

Simply ask him one question and answer you he will, his light will consume you with the power to heal.

And when her power has left you listen for her voice, she will tell you secrets and what you do with them is your choice.

But sit no more and ponder the past, for the Lord and Lady have healed you and you are free at last!


Love and lunar light,


Image courtesy of Salena Rogers



The Full/Super/Equinox Moon 3-19-2011

March’s full moon is my favorite every year. I can still remember last years March full moon like it was yesterday, It was absolutely breathtaking. It’s as if March’s full moon is speaking for the Earth and telling us that spring is finally here. This year, the March full moon is extra special, falling the day before the equinox, and it is a SuperMoon. It will be the largest full moon in nearly 20 years, and could appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than a normal full moon.

A SuperMoon occurs when the full or new moon is at lease at 90% of its perigee position. There are actually 4 or 5 SuperMoon events a year, but this will be the largest moon that we have seen since 1992. If the skies are clear they will be alight with the glow of divine light this Saturday. Don’t miss out on viewing this beautiful moon as well as performing your Esbat on a night that is sure to be filled with magic.

Blessed Be,