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Beltane May 1st

“Oh do not tell the priests of our rites

for they would call it a sin

But we’ll be out in the woods all night

a-conjurin’ summer in.”

-Rudyard Kipling

The wheel of the year can be roughly divided into two parts; winter months and summer months. Just as Samhain marks the beginning of the winter months, Beltane marks the beginning of the summer months. This is one of Wicca’s greater Sabbats, it is a joyous and open-hearted celebration of love, and for that reason, Beltane is my favorite Sabbat of the year.

Sensuality-getting in touch with your senses- is important to Beltane’s theme. Without our senses we would not be able to experience the world. If the divine is in everything, then all that you see, touch, taste, smell, and hear is a manifestation of the God and Goddess, therefore, should be sacred. We take advantage of our senses because they are things we become used to, Beltane is a day to get in touch with your senses and experience all of them to their fullest ability.

Another major part of Beltane’s focus is centered on sexual union. This union symbolizes many things; the joining of nature with the divine, to the union of male and female to ensure the fertility of the earth, and most importantly,  an individual becoming one with the divine or the all.  Sexual union carries a very deep and spiritual message: universal divine love, and the love of life itself. The unconditional love of the divine dwells within us and flows through us with the love that is expressed at Beltane. One should enjoy it, never shy away from it.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Beltane should be fun, carefree, sensual, and full of love. This is a time to celebrate and really get in touch with your spirit. Let go of your inhibitions and insecurities and experience life as it was meant to be lived. Love as purely and as whole-heartedly as you can, and get in touch with the divine that lies within you.

May the Divine love that flows through all of us on Beltane be so great and pure, that the world feels its joy.

Wishing you all a happy and spiritual Sabbat,


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