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New Home Blessings.

First, I must apologize for being away so long. I hope you all did not give up on me. I have simply been too busy to sit down and write. Between two full-time jobs, a new relationship, and moving into a new home; I have barely had any time to sleep. Now that my schedule is adjusted, I have adapted to my new sleeping habits, my budget is on track, and I have moved almost completely into my new home, I have a little extra time to tend to my recreational activities.

I must admit, through all these changes it has been very difficult to stay in a spiritual routine. There were nights after working 16 hour days I did not want to do anything at all besides hit the pillow. But I made sure to commit some of my time to reading, writing, or simply just mediating on a daily basis, rest assured, my spirituality is still very much intact. I feel I would not have made it through the last couple of months without the guidance, love, and protection from my Lord and Lady, and I thank them every single day.

I was researching house blessings trying to decide which kind of ritual I wanted to perform for my new home and came across some very interesting things. Every culture, religion, and race in the world has a different tradition for blessing a new home. Here are some examples I found interesting:

In China, before moving into a home the Chinese shine a flashlight into the top and the bottom corners of every wall in every room and wardrobe of the home, because they believe that the light will show the spirits where to go.

A Jewish tradition says to give salt, bread, and a broom for a new home. Salt to season your life, bread in hopes you will never be hungry, and a broom to sweep your sadness away.

In Russia, people always let a cat into the home first before they move in.

There are many more traditions, but one specifically stands out in almost any culture, that is smudging the house with incense or smoke of some kind. The most popular is with sage.  Sage is an amazing herb. I grow it and dry it and use it in just about everything magical that I do. I buy a sage smudge stick every time I come across one and my box of magical goodies is about 3/4 full of nothing but sage. Explaining why would entail an entirely separate blog post…I’ll get right on that!

Smudging a new home is very important, the smoke from your smudge stick carries away all the previous energy left in the house by whom ever resided there before you, or whom ever treaded on the property before you, etc. I can mostly “feel” the energy a place has when I walk into it because my mood will change. Over time this could become a burden, you don’t want to walk around your new home constantly pounded by someone’s left over negativity, so smudge it away. All you need to do is light some sort of incense (or smudge stick) and walk around your property. While you do visualize the smoke catching all the energy and carrying it away. You will be left with a clean fresh start.

It is important that when you get rid of anything in magic that you replace it with something else. So after I smudge my space, I leave my sage stick burning and light some candles. Think of what you want to feel when you come home. do you want to feel happy? Protected? Loved? Take these feelings and think of what represents them to you and place a few objects around the home that make you feel that way. For example; flowers make me feel happy, so I placed some fresh flowers around my house. My pentacle makes me feel protected so I placed it on the wall, and my mother’s quilt makes me feel loved so I placed that on the floor. Sit for a few minutes before doing anything else and concentrate on feeling those things you want to feel at home and this will become your homes “new” energy.

With the warmest wishes,





Ostara, The Spring Equinox

Ostara, The spring equinox, is the time of year when day and night are equal in length . This Sabbat signifies action, movement, and the newness of the Earth. Ostara brings the growth of light and balance. Traditionally a time for spring cleaning and chores, Ostara is also a good time to open up to spiritual cleaning , it is a time to start over, to reflect and re-set our lives.

The Earth is renewing itself and blooming with fresh and beautiful life , and in comparison to the previous winter months is becoming much livelier. Spring is a good time to set the balance of things in our lives, renew ourselves,  and become more livelier just as the Earth does.

There are several ways to fall out of balance, weather mentally, spiritually, physically, or emotionally. Our actions, our communications, our thoughts and our bodies can become imbalanced as well. Think of something in your life that has become out of balance or something that has never been balanced that you would like to correct. Have you lost focus, have you lost your temper, are your emotions getthing the best of you? I have included below a balancing rite that you can include in your Ostara circle if you like. I hope you enjoy!

Ostara balancing candle right

You will need two white taper candles (I prefer the small 5 inch ones because they take less time to burn out) and some sea salt.

On one candle write the word balance. On the second candle write one word for something in your life that you want to bring balance to, or something that has become imbalanced. For example,I may be having a hard time getting my point across to others , so I would write communication. Or I may feel a little over emotional lately, so I would want to bring balance to my emotions. Once you have written on both candles palce them on your altar about 6 inches apart. The candle that says balance should be on the left side. In between the two candles draw an aarow, with sea salt, that points to the candle that represents your imbalanced trait. See the picture below for an example.

Light the balance candle, then move to the right and light the trait candle. Chant the following “Mother and father of all living things, unto my being your loving balance bring.”  Picture balance from the first candle flowing out and through the aarow into your imbalanced trait candle. Allow the candles to burn out on their own and dispose of the salt by burying it in the Earth.

As always, Blessed Be and a very merry Ostara,


New Moon House Cleansing and Protection Spell


The new moon symbolizes beginnings and newness. I have a spell that I perform on the day of each new moon, it is a house cleaning and protection spell I wrote, you do not need to cast a circle for this spell, in fact, this is something that I do to prepare for my new moon esbat. 

House cleansing and protection spell:

You will need a sage smudge stick, and a green votive candle.

 Clean your house, really clean it, out with the old musty energy and in with the new clean vibes. Once your house is clean, light the green candle and take it and the smudge stick to the front door. Stand facing the door and use the flame of the candle to light the sage. Once it starts to smolder use it to “draw” a pentagram in the doorway and say; “with the wisdom of air, and the power of sage, and the strength of earth and fire to light their way, I draw here a sign of protection and love, watched over by the light of the  Lord and Lady above.” Now take the smudge stick and walk deosil (clockwise) around your home and imagine the smoke from the sage carrying away all the negativity. Draw a pentagram in all the windows and doorways. Do this anytime you feel the need to protect your home or remove negative energies.

Yule The Winter Solstice

When the sun enters the sign of Capricorn, sometime between December 19th and December 23rd, winter has officially begun. Yule, or the Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and marks the re-birth of the sun. The rites of our ancestors were often aimed at “coaxing” the sun to return to end the fear of darkness and the dead season. They longed for light and life to be returned to the world.

From out of the longest and darkest night of the year comes a brilliant new-born sun. With this new light comes promise of warmer and longer days. This should remind us that light will always come from darkness, The chaos, hurt, stress, loneliness, and pain that we sometimes experience will end. Yule is about endings as well as promises for a better future. Life and energy go on eternally just as the wheel of the sun does.

The winter solstice also reminds us that in our darkest hour, there is still a ray of light, a spark. Our objective as witches is to always search for that spark within ourselves. It is important to constantly feed and nurture that spark and help it grow, to “coax” the light of the spark to overcome the darkness within ourselves.

I have included below an idea for your Yule Ritual. Feel free to use it if you like. Happy Solstice friends!

Banishing darkness candle rite:

You will need a white or yellow votive candle and votive holder.

Sit in a meditative position and close your eyes. Imagine that you are gazing upon the vast night sky. You can see the stars and the moon, but focus your energy on the big emptiness of space. Now allow your mind to think of a negative or destructive situation in your life. Take the time to completely feel all of the emotions associated with this. When you arrive at the peak of your emotions, begin to breathe deeply. Imagine that with each exhalation, you expel the darkness and negativity up into the vastness of space and out of you completely. Continue this until you are completely drained of all negative feelings.

Once you are drained of all negativity begin to breathe normally and relax . Sense the emptiness inside. Take the time to really feel the spacious void  that now exists within you. Now open your eyes and light the candle. Focus all of your attention on the flame and imagine the warm light filling up the empty space inside of you. The light becomes larger and fills not only the void, but your entire being re-igniting the spark within. Allow this light to heal you completly and to re-allign your consciousness. Allow the candle to burn out on its own or pinch off the flame and use it any time you face darkness or destructive situiations.

Love and Light,


Sacred Space

First of all, I want you to think of what the word “sacred” means. Don’t go look it up in a dictionary, think of what it means to you. Is sacred safe? Is it something divine? Is it treasured and secret? Can you share it? If something is sacred to you, what does that mean?

Every witch needs a sacred space, whether it be permanent or temporary. Wherever it is that you choose to practice the craft, that space needs to be sacred to you. You need to feel safe and secure and you need to have trust and feel very comfortable in your space. After all, the energy that you are letting out of yourself is the energy that is going to go into your spells and worship. If you are constantly looking over your shoulder worried that someone will see you or that the boogey man will get you, then chances are your efforts in that circle will fail.

If you are like a lot of other solitary witches then most likely your sacred space is somewhere in your home. Maybe you have a permanent altar set up or maybe you have to set one up each time you cast a circle. Either is acceptable, but when you do cast your circle, make sure it is in an area that you feel safe, secure, at peace and are undistracted. Make it sacred to you somehow.

Since my sacred space is right in the center of my living room, something I do to keep the space sacred to me is a monthly “temple space” purification ritual. I do this on the new moon. It is nothing fancy, it just helps me keep the place clean, free of negativity, and happy. That way, when I am in a circle, my rites get 100% of my attention 100% of the time. 

If you do get the chance to practice outdoors, lucky you! There are tons of places outside that are sacred to me, unfortunately, they are all usually surrounded by onlookers and are not 100% safe, so I reserve the outside spaces for meditation or just plain old quiet time. If this applies to you, then you can do what I do and just create a small salt circle around where you will be sitting, this will keep you protected and allow you to focus more on the craft and less on over-the-shoulder-looking.

Just remember, wherever you decide to practice the craft needs to be a happy, clean, safe, and private environment. The more free you feel in your sacred space, the closer you will be to the divine, and the more powerful your magic and worship will be.

Love and light,


Drawing down the moon


The purpose of this beautiful ritual is to invoke the power of the Goddess and draw her into you. Perform this on a full moon preferably outside where you can see the light of the moon.

Call the Goddess:

“Beautiful Goddess, mother of night, you shine down on me with magnificent light.

Your silver rays are full of truth and love, may they always shine from up above.

I ask you please join with me this hour, set my soul alive with your love and your power.

Show me what it is like to be one with divine, allow your light and my being to completely combine.”

Now welcome the Goddess into you, feel the divine light totally consume you. Once you feel you are one with Goddess energy allow her to speak through you or say something like this:

“I am the Goddess, the presence you seek, I give life unto all things strong and weak.

I am the air that you breathe and the heat of the flame, I am the water that cleanses the earth knows my name.

Remember me as three aspects for I am maiden, mother, and crone, and know in your heart that you are never alone.

Honor me with acts of pleasure and love, know that my image shines in the moon up above.

I have always been with you and will forever, so if you ever have need just call upon me.

Always remember that my presence is in all, I am the tide crashing the shore, I am the leaves when they fall.

I am the trees in the forest reaching up to the sky, and I watch with much joy as life passes by.

Honor all that is loved and created by me, stay true to yourself, and true to you I will be.”

“As I will,  so mote it be!”

Stay with the Goddess’ energy as long as you like. Let her speak to you in whatever form she chooses.