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Untitled Poem 6/15/11

Blessed be on this full moon!




Open your heart and let her in, she is one with the earth, the Goddess within.

He can quiet your mind and ease your pain, His light is so bright you will never be the same.

She will only come to you when you seek her truth, Otherwise she will wait until you have used all your youth.

He will work in your heart and heal all your pain, show you how it feels to be happy again.

Her magic is potent, her power is love; So when you are ready call her down from above.

Simply ask him one question and answer you he will, his light will consume you with the power to heal.

And when her power has left you listen for her voice, she will tell you secrets and what you do with them is your choice.

But sit no more and ponder the past, for the Lord and Lady have healed you and you are free at last!


Love and lunar light,


Image courtesy of Salena Rogers



Lilith’s Truth

I am truth, the spark of life

I am the beginning of life and the end of pure love

The one who sings with serpents and bathes in the fruit of the Tree Of Life.

Feared by those who are blind.

I am she who was first, real, un-broken and made whole

The one man denies

Power of creation and humanity dwell within me

In my womb lies knowledge and in my heart lies pure love.

I live in the trees, the land, the water, the wind and deep in the heart of all women.

Man sent me away, unwanted

All my love to give and knowledge to share was feared

I am the threat.

Outside his caged garden I dwell

Only to be embraced by those who seek the truth.

Loneliness is often found, for not many call my name

Though I thirst for love, I need no rib to be whole.

Cast out, my beauty and wisdom reign in a world only few have privilege to see

Embrace me! And I shall open your soul to all that is Divine!

Image: Lilith by Michelangelo

I hope that you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Daily Doodle 3-9-11

Today I would like to share one of my most favorite pieces of poetry with you. It comes from Buckland’s complete book of witchcraft, and it is used in a temple space purification ritual. I could only wish to write something so beautiful some day so I hope you like it as much as I do.
“Soft is the rain, it gently falls upon the fields beneath.
It lulls the heart, it stills the mind, gives solitude I seek.
It patters down so gentle, yet it ne’er does bend a leaf.
And yet the water that is there, will wash away all grief.
For smoothness follows in the wake, and quiet, peace, and love.
All around in freshness new, come down from clouds above.
All evil go, flow out from here and leave all fresh and plain.
Let negativity not come into this room again.
For love I now find all around, so soft, so still, so pure.
I can perform my rituals as peace and quiet endure.”

Love and Light,

Misty Moon












Misty Moon

In the dark of night she glows, 
all my shame my name, she knows.
In the sky so dark she’s there,
 my eyes cant help but stare.
Bouncing off the clouds her radiant light,
shines so bright it illuminates the night.
And as mist falls gently from the sky,
I lean my head back and close my eyes.
Upon my face she leaves gentle kiss,
her power and love so hard to resist.
I’ve gazed upon her time after time,
the light of the moon true and divine,
Her power and beauty amazes me,
my Friend, my Mother, my Goddess of three.

image source:Visual Thoughts

Love and light,


Dark Fear


Darkness lies before me

Down the steps to my inner self.

Each step a hurdle, each hurdle a challenge

Each challenge an accomplishment, each accomplishment a new power.

But with each step my path grows darker

And soon it is so dark I cannot see the steps I’m about to take.

Fear freezes me

I cannot move forward.

The fear wants me to go back-I cannot trust the darkness.

I look back into the light and see all my accomplishments

They rest on the steps of my past,

My trophies.

Should I face my fear and travel into the dark unknown?

The dark can be painful and lonely

But what lies past the darkness?

I close my eyes

I breathe.

A feeling of peace encompasses my being, as I accept the truth

I need to face the darkness, step into it, and conquer

No matter the pain

No matter the fear,

I am bigger than this, I will overcome.

I shout down the dark steps as my foot moves forward.

“I am no longer a slave to the dark”

“I will face the dark unknown.” I throw the words out, letting go.

I watch as my words float around me

Like orbs of light powered by courage

Illuminating the darkness.

I can move forward closer to the end.

A new power gained.

( image source:

The Divine Within

There is something absolutely amazing about spiritual enlightenment. When you find it you get a sense of all-encompassing peace, fulfillment, and true love. Nothing in this world can compare to the feeling you get when you truly know divine light, its like you get a jolt of electricity that awakens your entire being and makes you wonder what you have been doing the rest of your life to not have known this truth. Its powerful enough to move mountains, to determine futures, and will change your life forever. As long as you hold onto it, spiritual enlightenment can be the driving force in everything you do, and nothing is impossible.

The divine lies inside of us all. It is the spark that gives us life and meaning. The part of us so deep inside that takes work to awaken, that you have to prove yourself to know. It is so visible and it is so tangible, and once you find it you will have everything that you need. But you can lose it, you can get so wrapped up in the chaos of the mundane life that the goddess/god within will slip away and nestle back into the depths of your soul.

Unlocking the inner self, the self that is suppressed by the mundane need to be liked, loved, and understood by those around us is the key to knowing spiritual enlightenment. What is more important, being the person that everyone else wants you to be, or being the person that you want to be? Knowing who you are and being who you are, are two of the most important lessons a person can ever learn on a spiritual path.

Its time for us all to say goodbye to that needy mundane person that rules our lives and be the person that lies within. Connect to that inner divine spark and be true to yourself. Dont learn this lesson the hard way. Winter is around the corner, the harvest is almost done and the earth will soon come to a calm restful period. Take this time to meditate and get in touch with who you are. Make changes where they are needed, and remember that no others love can be as powerful as your own. 

“The Goddess Within”

She fills my soul with love and light,

I keep her name locked inside me ever so tight.

She is what I reach for when the day goes bad,

Because I know that she is all I have ever really had.

I give her thanks when the day goes well,

The smile on my face is a sign of her spell.

I always want to feel that her presence is near,

The strength that she gives me erases all of my fear.

I’ll make sure to live everyday with the warmth of her glow,

I will strive to be like her and everyone will know.

It is important that I remember that we are the same,

The Goddess within me, LOVE is her name.

love and prosperity to you all,




The moon shines in the sky so bright

as I sit in this sacred place,

My head looks up to the stars on this night

they spill their light on my solemn face.

Sadness takes over from the depths of my soul

as I look at the sky above,

For in that sky, so dark and so big

lie the beautiful stars that I love.

I reach so far with all that I have

to catch a star so bright,

Despite my efforts I can never reach it

I will never touch its beautiful light.

Once again, I will settle for

simply gazing at my hearts desire,

But when the night is gone and time is up

my tears will burn like fire.

I can not tell the stars of my pain

my secret will always burn my soul,

If I tell them what I think,

they will shy away and hide their magnificent glow.

Still gazing up through watery eyes

I blink away a heavy tear,

I’ll not tell my stars of my feelings for them

instead, I will live in fear.

Because seeing them some is better than

not seeing them at all,

But as long as my stars shine down on me

I will feel so very small.

Blessed be friends,