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It is that time of year when we feel as if we have been surrounded in winter for far too long. The cold temperatures keep us indoors, and the ice and snow  seem to linger on and on forever. Something that we tend to forget about the ice and snow is that they carry some very powerful spirits who work to help the earth rest in preparation for the spring.

Imbolc is the official beginning of the end of winter. The earth begins to quicken beneath the soil and life is stirring. Soon, the first signs of spring will begin to sprout and the sun will warm us and allow the world to bloom in the beautiful colors of springtime.

Imbolc is about the awakening of the earth’s energies, and should also be about your own personal awakening. Winter allows us to grow lazy at times and forget about things that are important to us. We tend to tread gloomily along day-to-day, just doing what we need to do to get by and nothing more. Without the vitamin D and the energy from the sun, “boring” can set in before we know it.

This Imbolc think of a soul nurturing interest or desire or talent that you may have put on hold and would like to awaken. Have you left your interest in art, music, writing, etc. behind to focus on your career, school, or have you just put what you love to do on the list of “I’ll do it later”?  It is important for us to feed our souls with the things that we are good at and love to do. We cannot be complete if we repress our talents and our souls desires.

Here is something that you can include in your Imbolc rite to help with your own personal awakening.

You will need; a small piece of paper, a pen, a small flower-pot, some potting soil, and some seeds (an herb such as sage or chamomile would work well).

Write the interest or talent that you would like to awaken on the piece of paper. If you thought of more than one, that’s ok, write them all, but make sure the piece of paper is not too big. Fill the flower-pot halfway with soil. Fold the piece of paper 3 times and place into the pot, the fill the remainder of the pot with soil. Sow your plant seeds into the soil. Take care of this new magical plant, as it grows, the roots will entwine with your interest or talent and it will grow just as the plant does.  

Wishing you a very merry Imbolc and the brightest blessings,



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