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Exploring The Tarot: Ten of Swords

The Tarot from my perspective, without books or guidelines.

Wow! This guy did not just get stabbed in the back, but he got stabbed in the back 10 times! I mean he did not just get killed, but took the hand of death times 10. Could it get any worse?

This card signifies that though things seem at their very worst, there is hope with the dawn, things can only get better.

 This card could show a lot of different situations, you could be the target of someones hatred, or slander, maybe you have been betrayed. Perhaps you have come to and end of a relationship or career,or a financial situation, but whatever expierence and however painful it is, we need to remember that tomorrow is another day and there is always hope. It could not get worse than being stabbed in the back 10 times! Though this is very difficult and hard to bear, happiness lies just around the corner. So get up, walk on, and don’t give up.

It seems very appropriate that I drew this card as Yule, the winter solstice, is just around the corner. Now we face the darkest and coldest days of winter, but we know that the sun will soon return and bring with it the happiness and warmth of spring.

Blessed Be,



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