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Dark Fear


Darkness lies before me

Down the steps to my inner self.

Each step a hurdle, each hurdle a challenge

Each challenge an accomplishment, each accomplishment a new power.

But with each step my path grows darker

And soon it is so dark I cannot see the steps I’m about to take.

Fear freezes me

I cannot move forward.

The fear wants me to go back-I cannot trust the darkness.

I look back into the light and see all my accomplishments

They rest on the steps of my past,

My trophies.

Should I face my fear and travel into the dark unknown?

The dark can be painful and lonely

But what lies past the darkness?

I close my eyes

I breathe.

A feeling of peace encompasses my being, as I accept the truth

I need to face the darkness, step into it, and conquer

No matter the pain

No matter the fear,

I am bigger than this, I will overcome.

I shout down the dark steps as my foot moves forward.

“I am no longer a slave to the dark”

“I will face the dark unknown.” I throw the words out, letting go.

I watch as my words float around me

Like orbs of light powered by courage

Illuminating the darkness.

I can move forward closer to the end.

A new power gained.

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