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Exploring the Tarot: Nine of wands

The tarot from my perspective, without books or guidelines.

The Nine of Wands represents struggle, isolation, and caution. This card shows a battle that was won and the character is ready for more.

This could represent a personal battle that was overcome, but you were wounded in that battle so you may have tendency to put up defenses. Wands represent intuition, so it would be good to pay attention to this caution, even though the hardship is finally over, you still expect more and are prepared, just don’t shut yourself out.

A friend pointed out to me that this card could represent a situation in my life. That because of the things that go on in my neighborhood, entrenchment and vigilance would be acceptable.

Something else that this card shows is that maybe you are finding it hard to fully accept your achievements, or yourself. Dont let one wound shelter you from a world of good possibilities.

Blessed be,



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