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Exploring the Tarot: Two of Wands

The Tarot from my perspective, without books or guidelines.

The Two of Wands

I’m looking at this card and the first thing I see is an opening beyond the woods, like I’m looking out to the hill from a doorway of trees. Even though I am sheltered, comfortable, and protected by the woods, it looks very nice to step out and explore the wide openness of the hills. This symbolizes to me that although I have everything I need and I am satisfied, deep down I long for something new, or something more.

The man holding apart his two wands on the hill represents another doorway, and if I put myself in his position, holding the two wands apart , I feel tension. I am creating a doorway because a part of me wants to step through it and find what lies “beyond”. 

I shuffled the cards on my dining room table and chose one to write about, so by chance it was that this card was drawn. What I get from it today is that I have found (finally) the “normal” to my life. I am content in being exactly where I am. I have what I need and am comfortable. But deep down I’m longing for more. I have my mundane life under control, but deep down I want to step through the door and explore my spiritual life more. Maybe this is a sign that now that I am finally stable, Its time to re-focus on my spirituality.




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