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The Element Air

I have spent the past week meeting the element air per an assignment in my Georgian training class. Every day I cast a salt circle, invoked the element,  and journaled of my experience. Air is tricky for me. I think it could hurt me a little if I spent too much time with it so I am glad to be done with that element.

What I learned about air is that it is very creative, I knew that because I am an air sign and a Gemini so creativity seems to just seep through my pores like sweat already. When I invoked air, I found myself starting a new painting everyday, writing a lot of poetry, and coming up with idea after idea and nothing ever got finished. I was on a creative overload and it was rather uncomfortable. I would imagine that for someone a little less creative it would be an enjoyable experience, I know the other trainee in my class said that she was able to write a lot after her time in the circle with air.

There are a lot of other attributes to this element. It is very playful, and intellectual, and I also found that it was easier for me to communicate during this time. Some bad things that this element can bring to you would be the “fantasy” image it gives you about everything, the way it made it so hard to focus sometimes, and the spacey feeling that would invade and make 3pm on a workday even worse that it already is.

So overall was my experience with air enjoyable? Lets just say that it was a learning experience. I think I will only invoke the element when I really need help communicating, thinking, or possibly when I have the sudden writers block attack. Other than that, I’ve got enough air and creativity within me to supply musings to the world.

Love and Light,



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