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New Moon


The New Moon is the time when the moon ceases to wane and begins its waxing period back to full. You cannot see the moon during this time and the three days before the new moon are sometimes called the “dark of the moon”. Some choose not to perform any magic during this time and consider it a resting period, a time of reflection. I use this time for deep meditation and study.

The day of the new moon symbolizes new beginnings, or a fresh start. Work magic that will bring things to you. This is also a great time to start new ventures or to begin a project. In my circle on the new moon I perform a sacred space purification ritual.

Do remember: Even though you cannot se the Goddess in the sky on the new moon night, she is there all around you. Close your eyes, listen and feel and she will speak to you through the wind as is rustles through the trees or in the rain as it falls to the earth. Her presence is always around. reach inside yourself, know that she is a part of you and that you are a part of her and you will know she is there.

Love and Light,



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