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Drawing down the moon


The purpose of this beautiful ritual is to invoke the power of the Goddess and draw her into you. Perform this on a full moon preferably outside where you can see the light of the moon.

Call the Goddess:

“Beautiful Goddess, mother of night, you shine down on me with magnificent light.

Your silver rays are full of truth and love, may they always shine from up above.

I ask you please join with me this hour, set my soul alive with your love and your power.

Show me what it is like to be one with divine, allow your light and my being to completely combine.”

Now welcome the Goddess into you, feel the divine light totally consume you. Once you feel you are one with Goddess energy allow her to speak through you or say something like this:

“I am the Goddess, the presence you seek, I give life unto all things strong and weak.

I am the air that you breathe and the heat of the flame, I am the water that cleanses the earth knows my name.

Remember me as three aspects for I am maiden, mother, and crone, and know in your heart that you are never alone.

Honor me with acts of pleasure and love, know that my image shines in the moon up above.

I have always been with you and will forever, so if you ever have need just call upon me.

Always remember that my presence is in all, I am the tide crashing the shore, I am the leaves when they fall.

I am the trees in the forest reaching up to the sky, and I watch with much joy as life passes by.

Honor all that is loved and created by me, stay true to yourself, and true to you I will be.”

“As I will,  so mote it be!”

Stay with the Goddess’ energy as long as you like. Let her speak to you in whatever form she chooses.


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