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The Red Moonrise

The red of the rock stares me straight in the face,

As I soak in the beauty of this ancient earthly place.

Hiking past boulders reaching up tp the sky,

The night welcomes us here, my brother and I.

The night glows bright with stars up above,

As we hike to flat places to sit and gaze at her love.

The night is cool, and no breeze can be found,

All around us nature is not making a sound.

Oh, here is flat rock on top of the hill,

A nice place to sit and star gaze ever so still.

The many stars make me wonder about the great all,

They make me understand that I am ever so small.

As I sit on this rock, something calls my name,

I know after this night I will never be the same.

So I close my eyes and call forth the air,

And for the first time it answers me, blowing without a care.

Then happiness fills me as the moon shows her face,

I’m already dreading leaving this newfound sacred place.

She rises over the mountains and covers us in light,

Her reflection shines red on this warm summer night.

And the more she reaches up to join with the stars,

The more light pours into the valley of this mountain of ours.

I will forever remember watching the red moon rise here,

On top of this mountain, whose name I hold so dear.

(From “little baldy” mountain)

by Megan


2 responses

  1. Mr M

    that was very beautiful Megan

    October 10, 2010 at 12:02 am

    • Thank you

      October 10, 2010 at 12:47 am

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